About Us

Arkadi Rubenstein qualified electrical engineer – professional, reliable and experienced, offering and provides a variety of
specialized solutions that will help your electricity become more efficient and save power.

Among the services I offer and provide:

  • Planning and execution of electrical installations and control pannel
  • Control Structure
  • Control Air Conditioning
  • Control for industrial machines
  • Energy Efficiency

The service required and most effective in initial the planning stages in order to build an electrical interface that is cost-effective; this will significantly reduce the power consumption by upgrading the electrical system and improving its performance. by taking maximum advantage of the optimal alternative resources such as light and air. Intelligent planning of buildings, electrical installations, industrial machinery and professional control not only allows them to maximize the utilization and optimal full potential but also to optimize their use and thus save money.

I will Help you significantly improve your resource utilization while maintaining full production and the systems proper functioning. I would be happy to advise you , to solve problems , suggest alternatives and the bottom line – make the electricity system in general and in particular air conditioning system the greatest benefits at the lowest cost possible. There is no doubt that energy efficiency is not only a contribution to buildings and their tenants or managers of the plant and its employees but also to the environment. Thus, energy efficiency has a direct correlation in contribution to the quality of life and the environment. Another look of a professional eye will help you utilize intelligent and optimal structures , systems and machines based on electricity.

I will be happy to assist you and be at your service at any time. You are welcome to contact me for information , advice and price (
competitive and attractive ! ) Phone 054-6000275 or , alternatively, by filling in your details in the online form provided here on the site , on the left hand side.

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